Speculate the City of 2050

Art-based futuring about the places of human presence
June 16, 2022

in terms of the "Exploring the Futures of Human Experience" international conference
How Human Experience will change for Places? That was the basic question for the second day of the international conference "Exploring the Futures of Human Experience".

We invited the participants to our workshop to look through the artworks where possible places-to-live for future humans are represented by means of speculative design, metaphors, urban data transformed in media art installations.

Together with our guests we tried to take a step into imagining and visualising our future places-to-live and those who act there by means of metaphors, images and available technical sources.
We imagined flexible cities with "breathing" ecosystem, augmented views and sounds, community-focused urban zones and the concept of the "new Agora" within the living place.

Our technology "online-AI-friends" helped to visualize our summaries and in that day we created very light and optimistic futures.

Let that be so.
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