Repeat name

Producing and curating a performance ‘Repeat Name’
27 – 29 September 2021
Repeat Name is a project that explores an interaction of the human man and the machine in a utopian world of their coexistence outside of other forms of communication.

The authors and main participants in the project were robotic choreographer Dmitry Masaidov, artists and performers Maria Rozhkovskaya and Ilya Karpel.

On the two different sites (in Saint-Petersburg and in Moscow) artists built transparent rooms where two people were placed with two industrial robotic arms and household items which had been taken out of the context of their usual use.

In three days people could observe live construction, the existence of the human being and robot out of the history and context.
The audience was invited to be outside of the room, contemplate, ask questions, and listen to the sensations. The experiment lasted more than 80 hours, during which the participants were inside the installation 24/7.

Authors of photos on the page: Daniil Primak, Anastasia Blur, Milana Tokaeva, Polina Nazarova.
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