Intuitive art tours

Art tours on the Art-Russia fair 2022
March, 31 - April, 3
At the contemporary art fair the VZOR team involved its participants in a dialogue with art. We offered to be focused on the different ways of perception art and personal feelings.

All this with vector into the future.

These kinds of reflective tours are a good contact with yourself and great space for the perception of art to any person regardless of the profession, age or level of immersion in the sphere of culture or education.

Here are some of the quotes from our walking tours:

  • What if you take the apple out of the picture?
  • How to perceive that they are forging hot, but the sculpture is cold as a result?
  • Here I felt a sunny day in the city and remembered that I really missed the sea.
  • I'm anxious as I dive into this picture with no horizon.
  • And from this picture it seems to smell like a trailing scent of suede...
  • Here he is, a man of the future. It's me!
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