Interactive Art

Track for teens ‘New socio-technological practices: technologies for arts&culture’ as part of the Spring Design School
March 29 – April 19, 2021
In April 2021, VZOR held an educational and project-creation track for teenagers on the intersection of art and new technology.

Participants learned about projects of technology-based and interactive art, developed project-creation ideas and implemented them. They learned how artists comprehend the current agenda, what technology they use, and how they can work with issues of concern to them. For three weeks, the participants immersed themselves in creative practices, playing with software and hardware to create their own projects. The program combined research, lecture, game and design formats.
As a result of the work, 4 teams were formed that created interactive installations in various spaces of the School. Projects touched upon such issues as – the influence of people on each other, openness to the world, attempts to hear one another, the relationship between human and nature.

The projects were demonstrated at the ‘Reciprocity Component’ exhibition.
Authors – Peter Zotov, Daniela Lazar, Marat Pirmagomedov, Stanislava Rychka, Victoria Khudyakova

An interactive audiovisual installation, embedded in a natural environment.

‘Nature is a caring and generous mother for humanity. She endlessly forgives her child, no matter how much pain it brings her. Despite its power over humanity, nature is still merciful to us. Try to hear nature, understand its strength and wisdom, vulnerability and power.’

Tech –
vvvv software environment, Arduino hardware platform, bend sensor, video mapping

Authors – Anastasia Garkavtseva, Egor Koltypin

Immersive performance with a feedback and audiovisual components.

The project aims to show how involuntary participation in quarrels can affect a person. The authors clearly demonstrate to a viewer how a person's pulse can change with evidence of a quarrel, how we feel psychological processes on a physical level.

Tech –
vvvv software environment, Arduino hardware platform, heart rate sensor, video

Authors – Tatiana Golubeva, Kira Klintsevich, Alisa Masalykina, Polina Shimaeva

Interactive robotic object in the shape of a lotus. It clearly shows human interaction with the environment. The flower serves as a metaphor for a human.

Tech –
3D-pen printing, vvvv software environment, Arduino hardware platform, sound sensor, servos
Authors – Maya Isachenko, Kirill Meshcheryakov, Alisa Kremer, Ksenia Kravchenko, Natalia Kuleshova, Diana Shapovalova

Audiovisual interactive installation. The project is located in an enclosed space and encourages those who enter to become participants in a team game, paying attention to the strengths and weaknesses of a team interaction.

Tech –
vvvv software environment, Kinect 2 game controller
The program was carried out with the active participation of our dear partners – additive technology engineer Nikita Vostrov and robotics-choreography artist Dmitry Masaidov.
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