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Laboratory at ITMO University
May 18-20, 2018
In May 2018, VZOR conducted a creative research laboratory as part of the opening of the Art & Science master's program at ITMO University (St. Petersburg).

Curators – Olga Remneva and Ivan Ninenko.

The 35 pre-selected participants were asked: ‘How will the inevitable development of technology affect the perception of oneself and other agents?’. It was proposed to answer the question in the form of a multimedia art project.

Recognized experts worked with the participants on the projects – artists Egor Kraft, Yuri Tolstoguzov, Natalya Fedorova, and Yuri Didevich; Science Slam organizer Mikhail Tupikin; speculative architect Yegor Orlov; engineer and visionary Ken Goldberg (online).
The seven-day laboratory became an exhibition at the Museum of Art of St. Petersburg, which was attended by more than 150 people in one evening.
Author – Feodora Domozhilova-Kaplan

‘You have entered Sensorium – a zone of sensitivity, something that has the ability to feel, evoke and express feelings at the same time. Art, like life itself, interferes with the relationship of two, provoking them to feel and speak. But can our interaction be painless?’

Interactive installation works with neural interfaces that register reactions and offer their own interpretations of the dialogue.
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