Culture of the Future

Laboratory for prototyping trends at the NCCA
January 19-25, 2018
In January 2018, VZOR conducted the first Laboratory for Prototyping Trends ‘Culture of the Future’, which was supported by the TECHNE platform at the NCCA (Moscow).

Сurators – Olga Remneva and Ivan Ninenko.

Our team used the methods of group work to immerse ourselves in the problems of cultural change, justified by global technosocial processes. Within the framework of the laboratory, performances were held in the format of interactive lectures and master classes by invited experts from various fields.

Our experts – Pavel Luksha, leading expert in the field of designing the future; cultural studies experts – Oksana Moroz and Pavel Surkov; artists – Natalya Fedorova, Rostan Tavasiev and Helena Nikonole; fashion designer – Anton Alfer; speculative architect – Yegor Orlov; engineer and visionary – Ken Goldberg (online).

The seven-day laboratory focused on questions about the future of art, culture and technology. The participants expressed their thoughts in creative ways: developed the speculative worlds of the future, created manifestos, trended maps, as well as multimedia art projects, which were subsequently used at other events.

The “Bogobot” project, created at the laboratory, was exhibited at various events: “Man as a measure. Natural and Digital (Moscow, Gorky Central Park Museum, 2020), Open Museum (Moscow, Electromuseum, 2019), Archstoyanie 2018 Festival (Kaluga Region, Nikola-Lenivets, 2018), Media Poetry Festival in the Ligovskaya Library (St. Petersburg, 2018) and others..
Authors – Alfiya Khabibullina and Ivan Ninenko, with the participation of Dmitry Nikishov, Irina Danilicheva, Mikhail Rybakov, Anna Borisova

Multimedia project using a neural interface. The viewer is invited to put on the neural interface and see the artist's memories. The screen image reacts to interface signals.
The installation is presented on behalf of a fictional future artist named Agaspherus. Only in a state of a certain concentration a viewer can observe a video sequence, reflecting the mood of Agaspherus.
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