VZOR Lab is an interdisciplinary team that perceives futures as an area of both personal and collective responsibility. We develop the creative potential of individuals, communities and business companies. We offer to work with futures by art-based approach and cultural design.

Our main programs are – interactive lectures, workshops and laboratories.

VZOR Lab was founded in September 2017. From that moment we have organized more than 30 events with around 30 partners in 8 cities and online.
Humanitarian Special Award
VZOR Lab is the winner of The Next Generation Foresight Practitioners awards (Humanitarian Special Award, 2020), Top 10 creative projects in Russia (2021), Impact Fund from the School of International Futures winners (2022).
  • Olga Remneva
    Founder & curator
    PhD in cultural studies, art&science and technology-based expert, curator, art historian, educator. Associate professor at ITMO University. School of International Futures alumni. TEDx speaker. Working with communities of arts and culture professionals, science and tech guys, futurists; teenagers and students; business companies and corporate training; general public and wider audience. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Anna Peplova
    Co-curator & producer
    Culture and education manager, producer of technology-based art. Program designer for interdisciplinary learning projects. Co-founder of the annual land-art LabirintLab project. Previously – event director and performer at Teatrika Lab. Member of the Global Education Futures, Worldskills international and other communities.
  • Anastasia Evgrafova
    Strategist & Trendwatcher
    Marketing Communications & Trendspotting Expert. Branding Strategist experienced in managing international and local projects for well-known brands. Project lead, coach, embodiment facilitator, sociologist, psychologist. Member of international art initiatives.
  • Irina Danilicheva
    Methodologist & Event Designer
    Art critic, curator, collector of contemporary art. Tech account manager at University 2035. Previously – art manager at Inside Art (exhibitions: State Historical Museum, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Skolkovo, Museum of Music, etc.). Co-founder of the mobile laboratory 'We'll be here'. Provides educational games for communities and teams.
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